About Us

Who Am I?

Hi, I am Ryan Harrell. I am a parkour traceur and I love listening to music while tracking and freerunning. My relationship with music began when I started learning parkour in 2012, after being inspired by the computer game “Assassins Creed“.

Being a beginner I didn’t know much about headphones and had a potato headset that I used to wear whenever I used to go out. The problem was that it wasn’t comfortable enough due to which I wasn’t able to practice my moves freely.

The quest for the perfect headphone led me to be a tech geek and a headphones enthusiast.

My Mission 

My goal is to help all beginners in selecting their first headphones. Therefore, I read a lot about the latest trends in technology and explore the evolution of headphones in general. I try more than my best to provide the best quality content and extensive guides on headsets.

I publish helpful content on my site regularly to help my readers choose not only the best headphones but also know more about the technology. My goal is not only to help you pick the right headset for your needs but also to make you an expert in this field.